About Cara:


I don’t want us to be strangers anymore. Here’s a little (a lot) about me…

Let’s start with some good ol’ fashioned silly and irrelevant facts. If you make it through those, the rest of my bio awaits you.

I’m a virgo (re: PERFECTIONIST). A snack enthusiast, and chronic coffee re-heater (this controversy has torn families apart). I’m an insomniac and yet I still require 8 hours of sleep to function. Whenever I dislike something I will sing “the wooooooorrrst!” in a Jean-Ralphio-style voice. I enjoy a good f-bomb now and again. I’m allergic to 78% of the things on this earth. I will photograph the heck out of any type of wedding; from traditional/religious to LGBTQ, and anything in between. My spirit animal is a taco. More than just 1 of my tattoos are in some way related to feminism. When I grow up I want to be that one old lady in the nursing home telling dirty jokes. Also, I am a goofy human and will likely not shut up during our entire session. All I want in this process is for you to feel at ease and maybe have a little fun.



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You made it this far! Here’s a little more about what I’m really about:

I’m just a gal, born and raised in Guelph, ON - though I'm more of a city mouse than a country one. Serious but true photographer cliche: I inherited my grandfather's old Nikon film camera when I was young and have been in love with photography ever since. That camera still sits dusty upon my shelf, now an heirloom that serves as a reminder of where this whole journey started. Since then there’s been camera upgrades, a few years of post-secondary, 1 photography diploma, 3+ years working as a professional second-shooter, and now I have the best job in the world.

I consider my wedding style to be "artistic documentary" - there's more emphasis on letting couples be exactly who they are. It's romantic, intimate, and natural - less stress on rigid poses and more of what feels right. Years from now you want to be able look back and fall in love with your timeless photos all over again. In the oversaturated world of wedding photographers, longevity of images is what I believe you should be investing in, and what I aim to provide you.



Lastly, and most important of all, I want to photograph your story because I know how special it is.

There’s a reason that every song of all time is about love (minus the few country ones about trucks and/or beer). Love is freaking amazing and wild and heartbreaking and always unique. My purpose is to capture it properly so you can look back and remember what makes life worth living, and worth singing about.

xoxo, Cara

Image by Kendra Ruth

Image by Kendra Ruth