Alex + Kiel / Chilly Cambridge Engagement

I felt it was appropriate to add the word “chilly” right into this blog post because thats EXACTLY what this shoot from September was. But Alex and Kiel were troopers - even when the cafe we wanted to pop into afterwards to warm up was closed. These photos turned out surprisingly perfect considering there was some intense cold winds happening and you can’t tell at all. We like a little wind on photoshoots…but not so much that you can’t get a single shot of your clients’ faces without hair in their eyes. But these two rocked it! And if you’ve ever wondered whether I’m a fan of bringing your pets to your engagement shoot…the answer will always be a big fat yes ;)

It’s a real bummer that I’m not available to photograph their sweet Sudbury wedding next May, but I’m so glad I was able to capture this little slice of journey for them. <3